Thursday, May 6, 2010

The vineyard

In a natural area located between sea and mountains, a 43 hectares-vineyards only planted in noble grapes, most of them were former Corsican plant, constitute the Domaine de Torraccia. This wonderful landscape was carved by the impressive and charismatic Christian Imbert 38 years ago. It is situated on hillsides granite arena, 10kms far from Porto Vecchio.

Vineyards are ploughed and worked by hand on the row. Every year, in September, rows are alternately sowed of lupine or vesce and rye which, ploughed in in March, are transformed into humus.

The only used treatment products are used “bouillie bordelaise” and “souffre-fleur”. Thus, the vineyard keeps its natural balance and produce healthy grapes giving a maximum of aromas, insuring a yield less than 45 hl.

By Isabelle

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