Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oriu Blanc

ORIU 2007


100% Corsican Malvasia (Vermentinu). Grape varietal harvested from the oldest plots which were planted with vine stocks fetched from Corsican mountain villages. At that time, this grape variety was all but forgotten.


Since the vineyard is cultivated traditionally and biologically, natural yeast indigenous to the vines is used for the fermentation. Winemaking with a Burgundian approach and philosophy as the lees are stirred up through “b√Ętonnage”. However, wines are not aged in oak barrels in order to preserve the authentic qualities of the grape varietal. 2007 is the first vintage hence aging potential is yet to be defined.

Tasting notes

Displays persistent bouquet of jasmine on a background of vanilla and almond scents ; medium to full body, ample in the mouth and yet refreshingly firm with hints of citrus.

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