Thursday, May 6, 2010


To understand the history of Domaine de Torraccia and the wine, it is important to first understand C.Imbert values’ and philosophy// the values and philosophy of C. Imbert; a colorful and unique Corsican winemaker.

The octogenarian Christian Imbert is a flamboyant first generation of winemakers; he is a tall imposing man, with a booming voice. He is opinionated, fearless and passionate about everything he does. Without those qualities, he would never have achieved all that he has achieved today.

Before becoming a winemaker, he lived a nomadic existence in Chad and in Central Africa, where he exported agricultural products.

In 1964, he moved to Corsica with the intention to produce a traditional, high quality Corsican wine. At that time, his idea appears as crazy and daring as most of the wines were made with imported grape varieties from the mainland France.

C.Imbert, is a true lover of Corsica and traditional Corsican wines. During decades, he gave his soul and heart to his wine. He also created the group UVA Corse in 1971 in order to promoted Corsican wines. According to him, UVA Corse “It’s more a philosophy of winemaking than an association of winemakers,” he explains; “UVA Corse’s key principles are respect for our terroir, the return to traditional Corsican grape varieties and traditional grape growing and winemaking techniques, and a continuous effort to improve the quality and typicity of Corsican wine.”

By Juliette

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